Collection Forged handmade knives based on "Standoff"

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Legendary knives, known all over the world, made by masters in the best traditions of Russian Blacksmiths by hand. The knives are collectible and fully functional. Each knife is exclusively unique. With the purchase of nft, you get the delivery of a physical knife to any point.

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#1 Forged knife TANTO
#2 KUKRI axe knife made of forged steel
#3 FOLDING KNIFE "TANTO" made of forged Damascus steel
#4 Forged "Pchak" made of Damascus steel
#5 KUKRI machete made of forged steel 95X18
#6 The Yakut knife is hand-forged
#7 knife PCHAK
#8 Knife "TANTO"
#9 Kukri

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